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Raphaël Foulon is an A/V visual artist currently based in Paris, France. As a science enthusiast, he is always looking for innovative ways to associate gesture, sound and visuals. He explores various forms of expression such as generative visuals, live cinema, video mapping and augmented live illustration.

After majoring in sciences applied to music at IRCAM, he did academic research in human/computer interaction and computer music. In 2011, he discovered the universe of generative design and started writing his own audiovisual software. He founded eqko (audiovisual research collective) in 2013 and began working on VJ gigs and video feedback installations. As the project evolved, he started designing scenography for music acts and conceiving audiovisual performances that have been showcased in Paris, Roma, Toronto and Hong Kong.


Drop me a line : raph@eqko.net



Dim Sum Labs, Hong Kong
Filt’r exhibition, Paris
Nuit des Musées, Château-fort de Guise (FR)
‘Forgotten Fires’, le Jardin d’Alice, Montreuil
Happpening with X/tnt theatrical troupe, Paris
‘Fulgur, Apparatus v2’. Biennale Némo, Saint-Ouen
‘Et Obscuratus Exemplaris’, Crack Festival, Roma (IT)
‘L’Anniversaire Africain’,  Lucille Bailly exhibition, le 102, Grenoble
Premiereof ‘Fulgur, Apparatus’, le 188, Lille
Premiere of ‘Rerum‘, Vision’R Festival (FR)
‘Walks‘, Nuit Blanche, Toronto (CA)
‘Lex Specialis‘, premiere at Jardin d’Alice, Montreuil (FR)
‘Intended Anosognosia‘, Laboratoire Culturel, Dourdan (FR)
Analog.Digital feedback installation with Magali Marc, la Gare XP,  Paris

    Stage Design / LIVE VISUALS

Bob Cooper // José Miguel Fernandez // Al-Qasar // Stienis // Chaos E.T. Sexual // JeSuisTheo

    Composition/ Sound Design

Designer sonore for « L’Avaleur de Sons » by A.Chasle
Eqkoes debut EP (composition, production, artwork)
Musical interfaces design for « Re Orso », opera by Marco Stroppa @ IRCAM


Video/VJing, elementary school students, Guise (FR).
Real time visuals / live music interfaces (Toulouse, Marseille, Lille)
Glitch art initiation and real time visuals (THSF, Jardin d’Alice)
Immersive audio production : Studio Rambert (London), Société des Arts et
Technologie (Montréal), ZKM (Karlsruhe), Singapour, Guangzhou
Video feedback initiation, Gare XP (Paris)


Les Ateliers Medicis, Guise
Mains d’Oeuvre, St-Ouen
Les Arcades, Lille
Le Nautilys, Comines
Mix’art Myrys, Toulouse


Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris. Talk about demo-scene/video hacking
«Effets de Serre» Télérama, 06.12.17
«Création on Air», France Culture, 16.11.17

Academic research // R&D

Projet Orpheus, immersive audio, IRCAM, Paris
Design/programming of « Wave Suite », immersive audio control software
Computer music / machine learning academic research, Sony Computer Science Labs, Paris
Design of a control library for the  CHANT synthesizer, IRCAM, Paris


Lille VJ Fest, 1st place (live visuals)