The eqkoscope

All my live visuals are generated in real time by the eqkoscope, a piece of software I’ve been developing since 2012. It is based on openFrameworks and is written in C++, with a bunch of GLSL shaders.
This is free software, the source code is available on my Github repository.

DOWLOAD FOR OSX (10.13 min)



          Digital video feedback and algorithmic visual generation
          Multimedia integration
         Unique VFX
          Audio/Video/MIDI sync.
          Lazer and DMX interfaces
         Video mapping (with auto-calibration)
          Augmented drawing

The system allow for versatile live setups.
I use MIDI control surfaces as well as innovative I/O devices,
such as leapmotion and kinect, OSC touch controllers…

Wave Suite (’16)

The Wave Suite is a set of software used to mix audio in immersive environments, such as 360° or headphone setps (Wave Field Synthesis, Ambisonics, Binaural). It was created while I was working at Sonic Emotion Labs, Paris.

The suite features:

The Performer

Multi source mixing solution, for both live (show control) and studio applications. It comes with a set of Max4Live plugins for a full integration with Ableton, and Lemur patches.

The Designer

Creation of speaker setups, fine-tuning and test sequences for acoustic systems.
Communication with  the audio synthesis server.