Pändō (short movie)

Planet earth has become dry and desert-like. To adapt to the environment, humans have changed the way they use and consume resources. They have become able to survive without producing waste and no longer have the drive for competition. As they evolve into tree-like creatures, they become a species with an intimate bond with nature.

Directed in Baltrum with Gabriele Cinti, Mattia Bacchetti, Aistis Kavaliauskas, Augustin Gressier.
Special thanks to Remy Lequeux, Ramesh Palanisamy and Roots&Routes Cologne.

Stienis – Union/Fraction


Sylvain de Saturne – Pharaon

Clip vidéo aux influences spatiales et surréalistes pour Sylvain de Saturne


Stienis – mÉcanisation

Clip vidéo pour Stienis, sur le thème de la collapsologie, pour la promotion de l’EP Dissociation


Je Suis La Mer

Écriture vidéo multidimensionnelle, sur un texte poétique : « Je suis la Mer ». Projeté en mapping vidéo durant le mois de juillet 2018 au château de l’Amiral (Sceaux).



eqko – showreel 2017

Ari Banias — Being With You Makes Me Think About

[ENG] California based poet Ari Banias was making a public lecture in Berkeley Books of Paris. I was particularly moved by one of his poems :Being with you makes me think about. I was picturing aethereal scenes as his words oosed through my brain cells. This is my cloudy video feedback interpretation of his words.

eqko – showreel 2017